With such large communities within the Anaheim, Buena Park, and Fullerton areas, there are many people who are faced with severe tooth loss and in need of the most viable dental restoration options. There are many types of dental implant services to choose from that are proven to be better than bridges or dentures, but full-arch dental implants and denture-supported implants are among the two most sought-out treatment options. For the best experience, it’s best to learn all about the differences between the two as well as their benefits before seeking out the best dental office for restorative dental services near you.


Full Arch Dental Implants

Also known as implant-supported full arch (or simply full mouth) dental implants, this dental restoration is considered an advanced procedure that’s quickly making your typical dentures almost completely obsolete. They’re better than dentures in the fact that they are permanently secured into the jawbone for long-lasting enjoyment. Full arch dental implants come with a great deal of benefits including:

  • An in-depth and effective treatment process. With such a thorough process, you can expect impeccable quality as long as you visit a skilled dentist. You will first receive a close examination followed by a personalized treatment plan. Once you get your implants installed, there will be a period of healing in which the jawbone fuses to the post. After that, a full arch will be placed with the help of strong dental glue.
  • Incredible stability and functionality. Since the dental posts are surgically placed directly into the jawbone and the dental arch is held in place with specialized glue, you can expect your new teeth to last for many, many years. You will also notice the same extreme durability that you would expect from an all-natural tooth.
  • Top-quality aesthetics. By visiting a skilled dentist, you can receive a dental arch that’s been molded and color-matched to look exactly like natural teeth. The appearance of full-arch dental implants is so convincing that people often forget that they’re fake after using them for so many years without any issues.
  • Increased longevity. As long as you use them properly and give them proper care, full-arch dental implants have the potential to last an entire lifetime. This is one of the main reasons why these implants are incredibly superior to dentures that may only last a few years before needing a new set.


Denture Supported Implants

After hearing about how amazing full-arch dental implants are, will denture-supported implants serve as a better alternative? Also referred to as implant-supported dentures (which sounds like a more accurate description), this form of treatment utilizes the stability of implant posts to hold dentures in place as needed. This may sound great, but while full-arch implants offer nothing but benefits, denture-supported implants come with a balance of pros and cons.


The Benefits Of Denture-Supported Implants

Compared to traditional dentures that aren’t supported by implants, this improved version does provide more stability. People often experience less slippage when using them to eat or speak which is a common problem with regular dentures.


The Downsides To Denture-Supported Implants

The pros of denture-supported implants shine through when compared to regular dentures, but the same doesn’t apply when placed side-by-side with full-arch implants. That’s because denture-supported implants still require a great deal of maintenance with detailed cleaning after each use and the occasional adjustments or replacements concerning the attachments and clasps. And if you’re going to be going through the process of getting implant posts installed anyway, it makes more sense to continue on with a permanent full arch implant.


Things To Consider When Choosing A Dental Restoration


If you’re still not sure which dental restoration you want to go with, it helps to think about what you want out of the procedure by the time everything is done and to imagine yourself using each type in the long term. Some factors to think over include:

  • The health status of your jawbone. Even if you’re set on getting a full-arch dental implant, you might not be a suitable candidate if you don’t have the jawbone density to support it. However, it might still be possible to receive this treatment through bone grafting. You can always ask your local dental professional to see whether or not you qualify for full-arch dental implant treatment.
  • Your lifestyle preferences. If you live a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time for regular denture maintenance, then full-arch dental implants may be the better choice for you since you take care of them just as you would a normal set of teeth. But if you’re willing to spend the extra time cleaning dentures every day, then you might not mind taking care of denture-supported implants.
  • The condition of your overall dental health. Aside from jawbone density, other factors could affect your ability to qualify for full-arch implants such as the presence of gum disease or the amount of remaining natural teeth that you have.
  • Your finances and insurance coverage. Sometimes, the cost of services is the first thing that people consider. One type of treatment may cost more than the other or one form of treatment may be covered under your insurance policy while the other one might not be. To see what you qualify for and what you can afford (as well as available payment options), you can call your local dental office to ask all of your financial inquiries.


Where To Get Dental Implants In Anaheim And The Surrounding Area

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