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Teeth Whitening:

Are you looking to have a perfect pearly white smile? When it comes to a perfect smile our dentist Dr. Naushil Desai is the best doctor around for teeth whitening. He’s familiar with the best whitening advancements and procedures in the world and is ready to “Bright ” up your smile today.

Here at Smile Brite Dental, it is our commitment to help you get the smile you deserve. Our team of expert teeth whiteners is the key to making your dream smile become a reality. With only one hour of our top of the line treatment we can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades!

With the Zoom! in office teeth whitening Dr. Naushil Desai uses we can ensure that it’s safe, current and patient friendly. Schedule an appointment today and be one appointment closer to having the pearly whites you have always wanted.

A comparison of a before (above) and after (below) an teeth whitening procedure. Above - A mouth smiling showing yellow-ish teeth, Below - A mouth smiling showing white teeth

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