How to determining if you need a filling

The primary reason most people require a tooth filling is tooth decay. Though we see most fillings being applied in cases of cavities and tooth decay, there are several other reasons a person may require a filling. This includes cracked or broken teeth, tooth grinding, chipped teeth due to using your teeth to open things. Smile Brite Dental uses several procedures to find if and when you or any patient requires their tooth or teeth to be filled.

General Observation

The first procedure the dentist will do is known as “General Observation”  Some, but not all, discolored spots on your teeth can indicate decay. Dr Desai and his team of dental professionals carefully probe your teeth for possible decay. We look for the healthy tooth enamel which is hard and will resist pressure, whereas the decayed enamel is softer

An illustration of a tooth filling
Top - an xray image of a teeth, Bottom - An open mouth with Laser fluorescence Cavity Detection Aids

The next step is to see what’s happening on the inside of the tooth, gums and even jawbone. At Smile Brite Dental we use the latest in digital X-Ray technology. Our dentist and the entire staff always want to be sure our patients get the very best in treatment including their dental x-rays, which is why our dental office continues to invest in up to date technology and training. The digital X-Ray can really help the dentist pin point problem areas and show a full and clear view of what is happening inside of our mouth giving yourself and the dentist confidence in the treatment.

Laser fluorescence Cavity Detection Aids

These small wands measure changes that can be caused by cavities. They are especially useful for pit and fissure areas on the top surfaces of your molar and premolar (chewing) teeth.

Steps to a Filling:
First we numb the area that is to be filled so that the patient is comfortable.

Next we remove the decay or cavity using special devices or hand-pieces that remove and clean the area free of decay.

Once we have removed the decay the dentist shape the area and prepare it for the filling, keep in mind that different types of fillings require different shaping procedures to assure that they stay in place.

A step by step illustration of a tooth filling

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