Whether you’re dead-set on getting Invisalign treatment or you’re still in the deciding stage, it’s best to do your research and prepare yourself before visiting your local dentist. But what kind of research should you be doing, and what should you be asking your dentist? This guide will help you with everything you need to know before scheduling an appointment with an Invisalign provider in the Anaheim, Buena Park, and Fullerton areas.


Why Invisalign?

Many people seek Invisalign treatment because they hear that it comes with all kinds of benefits, but do you know what those benefits are? Aside from being clear and discrete, these aligners are made with a special BPA-free thermoplastic called SmartTrack and are custom-printed to personally guide your teeth into a straighter position. They are also well-known for being more comfortable and easier to use than other methods while bringing you faster results. To put it simply, there are many reasons why over 14 million Americans have gotten Invisalign treatment with tons of positive feedback.


Did You Know?

Align Technology, the company behind Invisalign, has been improving dental offices all around the country with state-of-the-art digital technology since its foundation in 1997. Since then, the company never stopped finding new ways to innovate and improve its products with the introduction of SmartForce attachments, iTero scanners, Invisalign First, and more. Ask your dentist about all of the different ways that Invisalign can bring you personal care with modern tools.


Questions to Ask Your Dentist

After learning about all of the wonderful benefits of Invisalign, you may be eager to call your local dentist to schedule an appointment. But before you pick up the phone, you should have a list of questions to ask to make your entire experience easier:

  • “Is Invisalign covered under my insurance policy?” Since Invisalign is becoming more popular as a preferred method for both patients and dentists, more insurance companies are beginning to support these aligners in their plans. However, it’s always good to make sure before you go in person.
  • “Am I a potential candidate?” With all of the new products currently available, there are fewer restrictions on who can use Invisalign. Regardless, an assistant may be able to disclose conditions that may disqualify you.
  • “What are the daily instructions for using Invisalign?” Typically, it’s preferred to keep your aligners on roughly 22 hours out of the day, but each professional may have slightly different instructions. They will also be able to tell you when you can take them off and how to clean them.
  • “What Invisalign products do you provide?” If you’re looking into a specific product like Invisalign First for your child or SmartForce attachments for extra guidance, you might want to confirm whether or not your dentist can supply you with what you want.


Things to Research On Invisalign

Before you begin, you should first ask yourself why you’re considering Invisalign in the first place. This will help guide your research so you’re not overwhelmed with all kinds of information that you don’t really need or care about. Do you want to use Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces? Look for a comparison listing the pros and cons of each type of treatment. Do you believe it’s the easiest method to fit into your day-to-day life? Look up detailed instructions to see if it will be as easy to use as you think. Regardless, there are a few general things that you can look into ahead of time to help prepare yourself for what kind of experience to expect.


Invisalign Product Reviews

Whether you just want regular Invisalign or any of the other products under the brand, it may help to see what other people have gone through during their own treatment plans. They may mention something that you haven’t thought of, or hearing positive experiences can help ease any anxieties you may have had about the treatment process.


Dental Office Reviews

Not all Invisalign experiences are the same. Much of it has to do with the dentist that you visit for your treatment. No matter how good the product is, you will only see the best results if you have compassionate and qualified professionals to guide you along the way. You can look up reviews for dental offices near you to get an idea of whether a place is capable of bringing you the experience that you desire.


Additional Finance Options

Even if your insurance company includes Invisalign in its plan, there’s still a chance that you may have to cover any leftover costs. If you don’t have the funding on hand, you may want to look into other ways that you can pay for your procedure. For example, CareCredit is easy to apply for and can be used for all medical expenses.


Finding the Right Invisalign Provider Near You

So how do you go about finding the best Invisalign provider near you? Some traits include friendly service, number of years serving the area, range of available services, and the level of patience demonstrated by the dentist. A good staff will want you to feel comfortable throughout every step of your journey, so they’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and give you all of the information that you need to know with a smile.


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