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Do Dentists In Anaheim Do Oral Sedation?

Some dental surgeries are too intense to be done without any sort of numbing agents, and even then, the experience can prove to be extremely uncomfortable. But thanks to oral sedation, there’s an easier way to get the treatment you need with much less pain and discomfort. Discover how oral sedation can help you with your dental surgeries and where this service is offered in Anaheim.

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What Is Oral Sedation?

If a dental procedure is simple enough, your dentist may be able to perform it with a simple numbing agent. However, dentists may require more cooperation from the patient which can only be achieved through oral sedation. This comes in the form of a pill that can be taken some time before the procedure which puts the patient in a more relaxed state and makes it easier for the dentist to work with fewer obstacles in the way. There are a few different ways to get patients to enter that sleep-like state, but consumable pills are typically seen as one of the easier methods.

Oral Sedation: The Official Definition

In more medical terms, oral sedation dentistry can be defined as, “A medical procedure involving the administration of sedative drugs via an oral route, generally to facilitate a dental procedure and reduce patients anxiety related to the experience.” This can be interpreted as a fancy way of saying that a pill is consumed to relieve any stresses or anxieties regarding a dental procedure.

What To Expect After Being Sedated

After taking the oral sedation pill, you might be wondering what will happen to your body afterward. Some people worry that they’ll still be entirely awake during the surgery since those under sedatives will technically still be conscious so that the body can cooperate according to the dentist’s needs, but most people who have gone through the experience hardly remember anything at all. It’s similar to having amnesia, but only the time spent during the procedure will be hazy. Many patients are surprised to find that the entire surgery has been completed even though it had only felt like a minute has passed from their perspective.

To get a better idea of what to expect and put your mind at ease if it’s your first time taking oral sedatives, take a moment to review This person’s experience with their root canal procedure:

“I went in for a root canal and felt zero pain throughout the procedure. Dr. Desai made my root canal a somewhat pleasant experience.”

– Sahil


No matter how invasive the procedure is, even if it involves a sensitive part of your tooth, you will likely feel no pain with the help of oral sedation. At most, some people remember bits and pieces of their surgery, but even those small memories are followed by positive feedback since the point is to feel very relaxed the whole time.


When Would I Need Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is typically reserved for dental surgeries that are considered more invasive than simpler treatments. Basically, anything having to do with removing teeth, inserting fixtures, or altering existing teeth in any way can be more involved compared to a teeth cleaning or veneer placement. This is because the dentist needs to get deep in your mouth for an extended period of time. Specific examples of dental procedures that can benefit from oral sedation include:

  • Dental implants. Getting an implant requires a metal post to be screwed into the jawbone. Although there may be some soreness a while after the procedure is done, sedatives can help during the surgery.
  • Root canals. The roots of your teeth will be extremely sensitive to the touch. If your dentist needs to work on your root canal, going under oral sedation may be the only way to get through it.
  • Tooth extractions. Wisdom tooth removal is very common since discomfort from these teeth happens often, but getting any tooth removed can be a painful experience without sedation.
  • Treating infections. Almost like root canal surgery, infections can lead to extremely sensitive teeth to the point where getting them treated without being sedated can prove very difficult.

There may be other instances that aren’t listed that may be easier with the help of oral sedation. For expert recommendations on whether or not this service is best for you, you can always speak with a reputable dentist in Anaheim for an answer.

Preparing For A Dental Surgery That Requires Oral Sedation

For most things that require you to go under, including oral sedatives, you will be asked to refrain from eating or drinking so many hours before your scheduled dental surgery. This is because oral sedatives tend to work better while on an empty stomach so there will be no question of whether or not the effects will kick in after taking it. Being on an empty stomach will also help prevent feelings of nausea once the sedative begins to work. If you really need to intake water, try to do so in very small amounts.

Where Do They Offer Oral Sedation In Anaheim?

Since there are various types of sedatives that can be used for dental procedures, it might be difficult to find a place that uses oral sedation in particular. It’s common for places to offer IV sedation practices, or rely solely on local numbing agents. While sedation through IV is popular, it may not be as fast-acting as its pill counterpart. Before settling on a form of sedation that you don’t prefer, you should know that there are reputable dentists in Anaheim that proudly offer oral sedation for your convenience and comfort.

Smile Brite Dental provides Anaheim patients with effective oral sedation services that have been proven to relieve stress and anxiety. Many patients that go under oral sedation at Smile Brite Dental have been known to enter a sleep-like state and have minimal memories of their procedure. Call the office today at 714-776-3535 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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