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Since 1997 Dr. Desai and his team have helped transform the smiles of patients from Anaheim Hills to Laguna Beach and everywhere in between. Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement that look and function just like natural teeth. With proper care, dental implants can last your whole life. Dr. Naushil Desai provides dental implants in Orange County.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are by far the best tooth replacement treatment available. Using a biocompatible screw, and a false tooth custom designed to match your other teeth in size, and color, dental implants promote proper chewing and jaw function, in addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

During your surgery, a titanium screw, which is accepted by the body will be implanted in your jawbone. This screw will ultimately serve as the foundation for your new tooth. But it also acts as your tooth root. Missing teeth lead to loss of bone in your jaw. However, because the screw imitates the function of your natural tooth root, implants help to prevent further bone loss. In doing so, this helps to prevent a sunken appearance.

After the implant surgery, you’ll need time for the screw to become fully integrated into your bone. This process will take 2-6 months. Once Dr. Desai has confirmed that the implant is firmly bonded to your jaw, your false tooth will be secured to the top. The tooth will look and act just like a natural tooth. As such, you’ll need to take care of your implant using the aftercare instructions provided to you. Likewise, you’ll need to have regular exams and cleanings twice a year. However, with proper oral care, your dental implant will last for decades.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Many people in Anaheim Hills will be eligible for dental implants from Dr. Desai. You will need to be in relatively good overall health, as dental implants are a form of surgery. You’ll also need to be free of active gum disease. Smokers will need to quit smoking before being approved for dental implant surgery. If your jawbone cannot support a dental implant, you may need to undergo bone grafting to make your jaw tall enough and thick enough to support dental implants.

Healthy individuals who have one or more missing teeth may also need a dental bridge, or partial implant-supported dentures. During your initial consultation, Dr. Desai will perform a number of imaging tests, and a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw. He will design a treatment plan for you that may include a single implant, multiple implants, a full arch of implants, or a bridge anchored to an implant.

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